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Introducing Sidearm

Introducing Sidearm

Whatever standard and format of cricket you play, the NEW Generation SIDEARM® can help you become a better batter!
About Sidearm

About Sidearm

Whatever standard of cricket you play, Sidearm has a product for you. Watch and find out how the team have adapted the moulding to ensure top notch practice from 40-80MPH.
Introducing The Club, Sidearm

Introducing The Club

The NEW Generation SIDEARM® Club is ideal for players new to the Side-army and for batters wanting to face slow to medium paced deliveries.
Introducing The Sidearm Pro

Introducing The Pro

Sidearm inventor Frank Thorogood introduces the New Generation SIDEARM® PRO.
Introducing The Elite

Introducing The Elite

Used by professional coaches around the world, the NEW Generation Elite is the fastest, most accurate SIDEARM® to date.
Throwing with a Full Action, Sidearm Club

Full Action

Sidearm inventor Frank Thorogood shows you how to get the most from the New Generation Sidearm CLUB.
Throwing Spin Deliveries, Sidearm Elite

Throwing Spin Deliveries

Sidearm inventor Frank Thorogood shows you how to bowl spin with your New Generation SIDEARM® ELITE.