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Like everything in life, getting the best our of your Sidearm takes practice, but the rewards are high. Before you unleash your inner Joffra Archer, take a read and make sure you do it right.

The speed of delivery generated by the SIDEARM® could be dangerous if used inappropriately.

Please follow these simple safety guidelines:

  • Always wear a batting helmet when facing the SIDEARM®.
  • Always throw from the full length of a cricket pitch.
  • Always throw practice deliveries at the start of a session, with no batsman, to gauge the direction and pace generated by the SIDEARM®.
  • Players under 15 years of age should be under adult supervision when using the SIDEARM®.
  • Store your SIDEARM® above 5°C.
  • Place a ball in the cup of the SIDEARM®, aligning the seam to follow the line of the groove and slit.
  • Place the ball in the SIDEARM® by hand, not by forcing the ball into the cup directly from the ground.
  • Throw the ball using a normal throwing action, keeping the SIDEARM® perpendicular to the ground.
  • The release point of the ball should be governed by bringing the wrist through in a throwing action; not by stopping the SIDEARM® mid-action to ‘flick’ the ball out.