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Introducing the new 'Sidearm'
a revolution in batting practice!!
Graham Gooch
"The quickest way to boost your batting average."
Graham Gooch

Instructions and Safety guidelines

The speed generated by the Sidearm™ could be dangerous if used inappropriately. To use your Sidearm™ safely please make sure you follow the safety guidelines:

  • Always wear a helmet when facing the 'Sidearm™ '.
  • Always throw from the full length of the popping crease.
  • Always throw a few practice balls first with no batsman to find the right area.
  • Only use the Sidearm™ ‘Pro’ to a batsman if you are capable of using it accurately.
  • Colt players under 15 years of age only use with soft practice balls unless advised otherwise by a registered coach.
  • Children under 14 years of age should only use the Sidearm™ under adult supervision.
  • Please watch our instruction video, by clicking the image to the right for Goochie's top tips.